8 Best Fake Name Generator Websites for Fake Identity

Create a unique name with unique identity

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These websites not only help in generating fake names but also provide you a lot of necessary data about fake identities such as phone numbers, country codes, geo-coordinates, business and company names, etc.

So whenever you are creating your purpose then you do not need to think anything while creating a fake account.

I have prepared a list of the best fake name generator websites that you can use to create a fake identity. We would also like to share fake detail generator with you while giving such information.

1. Fake Name Generator

Fake Name Generator tops this list of the best Fake Name Generator sites. It is very user-friendly and ad-free. It is the most commonly used website for creating fake identities. To create a fake identity, select Gender, Name Set and Country and click on Generate Options. Now you will see complete information about fake identity.

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The fake name generator provides the name, address and maiden name, SSN, geo-coordinates, PHONE, country code, BIRTHDAY information, etc. If you sign in with Google Plus, you can see the full social security number and also use fake names. Later.

Fake Name Generator also offers some more free tools and a smiley (emoji) generator. Using the smiley generator, you can create your unique smiley by creating a front, eyes, and mouth. Isn't it cool?

2. Fakena

Fakena is another good fake name generator that has a lot of amazing features. They claim that they generate a random name, address, username or email address, etc. securely. And all traffic is protected encrypted for user privacy. You can save random fake identities you generate for 30 days.

It will be removed after 30 days.

This is a very user-friendly site. Anyone can use it easily. Click on the generate fake name button and a random fake identity will create fake identity information like name, gender, date of birth, social security number and street address information, etc.

Fakena also offers you three more great tools Random English Word Generator, Random Valid US Address, and Random Fake Social Security Number Generator.

3. Online Name Generator

As Online Name Generator shows its name generator which allows you to generate a different type of name online with a single click. 

Below are the specific generators offered to you by online name generators at zero cost.

  • Nickname Generator
  • Company Name Generator
  • Business Name Generator
  • Project Name Generator
  • Product Name Generator
  • Code-name Generator
  • Domain Name Generator
  • Brand Name Generator
  • Pet Name Generator
  • Superhero Name Generator
  • Evil Name Generator
  • Pirate Name Generator
  • Clan Name Generator etc.

I must say that the online name generator is the mother of the name generator. It is too user-friendly like other fake name generator websites. But it does not offer any other information except the name. This is why it comes in third place despite providing many name generator functionality. 

If you are creating fake names to create fake accounts on other websites, go to fake name generator.com. No one can beat them in case of fake identity information. 

I don't like online name generators much, but while they offer many name generator tools, they deserve a place in the list of the best fake name generators.

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4. User INFO Generator

Another important fake name generator tool we have in this list is the user information generator. You can generate a lot of fake information with it. You only need to select an option from the sidebar and just click on build and the option is done and all done. 

What you can make with them:

  •  People Names
  •  Email Addresses,
  • Fake identity
  • Credit Cards
  • North American Addresses
  • Full Contact Information
  • North American cities, etc.

I must say that she is the mother of all other fake information generators. When you have this, you don't need to see much, just two clicks, and all is done. Isn't it great?

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5. Home-Page Fake Name Generator

I did not like this fake name generator tool. It provides only limited features. It is for those who need a large number of first names, last names, and fake email addresses. They do not provide wrong information like address, phone number, etc. like other people. Maximum they offer 400 names at a time.

6. Ui-names

Ui-names is different great and user-friendly fake name generator tool on this list. I was impressed with their website layout. This is an ad-free site. Like Home-Page Fake Name Generator, ui-names also offers limited characteristics. To generate a fake name with UniMS, choose gender, region, mode, and press the space bar key, all done. Now you have randomly generated fake names.

7. Name Generators

Another exciting and surprising fake name generator tool in this list is the name generator we have. It provides lots of name generators because its name suggests that you can generate girl name, boy name, business name, domain name, username and brand name, etc. 

Just choose the name generator tool from the sidebar according to your requirement. Name Generator Button. In this way, you will get the desired information. When you click on the generate option, the worst thing about them is that they sometimes refer you to another website.

8. SpinXO

If you are looking for something to create a username, then SpinXO is the best option for you. You can create the Instagram name, Youtube name, Twitter name, and Kick name, etc. They take some information from you to find out your interest and your desired username such as name, surname, what you like, hobbies, things you like, essential words, and numbers.

Once you fill in all this information and click on the SPIN button, you get 30 usernames. If you want more, click the SPIN button again.


These are all the best fake name generator tools that you can use to generate fake names with much-needed human information. And use it for a variety of purposes, especially when you don't want to give your real information. 

If you know any other best fake name generator tools, please let me know in the comments, I would love to add to this list of random name generator websites.